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Job 57096 - Swim Instructor, Midlothian, VA

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Job Details

Location: Midlothian, VA
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Swim Instructor

Objective:  Teaches swimming and safety skills as well as club policies and pool etiquette to children and adults.  Encourages all members to learn to swim and in integrate use of the pool into their fitness program.  Maintains teaching standards by attending all meeting and keeping certifications current.  Communicates with members and club staff as needed.
Reports to:  Swim Coordinator/Aquatic Director
Performance Expectations:
1. Adheres to company and industry guidelines, follows all company policies, employee rules, and exercises sound judgment with safety as the first priority.  Knows and follows guidelines in Aquatic Manual/Swim Section. 
2. Knows emergency policy as outlined in the Company Manual and the Aquatic Manual.
3. Ensures staff presence for activity so that the classes begin and end on time.  Arrives 5 to 10 minutes prior to class start time.
4. Wears appropriate attire and dresses in one-piece swimsuit for all class instruction.
5. Sets up equipment as needed for class, including the "Class in Progress" sign.  Does a visual check of pool area (cleanliness, water chemistry, air quality, safety concerns) and takes appropriate action as needed.
6. Greets members as they enter the pool area, introduces self, makes announcements (class changes, inclement weather, make up classes, or other announcement as instructed).
7. Sets example for others by showering prior to entering pool and having all class members shower.
8. Maintains safe and organized behavior for all members so that classes do not interfere with other activites.
9. Keeps children on deck until complete class instructions are given, or in any sitauation where adequate, "in water" supervision cannot be maintained.
10. Maintains an approachable behavior to encourage question and interaction with members whenever appropriate.
11. Review and enforce pool policies and explain why specific rules are in place.  Safety within the pool area is always the first priority.  Attention is never diverted from class participants.
12.  Provides appropriate instruction according to the level of class and each individual student's skills and abilities.
13.  Reviews skills from prior lessons before introducting a new skill.  Explains the skill, demonstrates, the skill, has them practice the skill, and repeats the skill practice again.
14. At the end of class, reminds participants of any changes, gives children a stamp/sticker, and answers any questions or comments.
15. Puts away all equipment, checks are for cleanliness, and checks skimmers for toys.  Makes sure equipment closets, bins, and music cabinets are locked.  checks the skimmers, throws away newspapers/trash, and straightens chairs.  Notifies appropriate staff if there is any concern in pool are that cannot be resolved. 
16. Completes all administrative work, including skill sheets for each student and timesheet.
17. Communicates regularly with Swim Coordinator for schedule information and any concerns that may arise.  Directs any payroll questions to the Aquatic Director.
18. Report any accident or incident to the Swim Coordinator and Club Manager as soon as possible.




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