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Job 56342 - ZumbAtomic Instructor, Mechanicsville, VA

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Job Details

Location: Mechanicsville, VA
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Group Exercise Instructor (ZumbAtomic)
Job Summary:  Responsible for teaching quality Group Exercise classes in accordance with club and industry standards.
Reporting Relationship:  Activities Coordinator/Group Fitness Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Serves the club members by providing safe and effective Group Exercise classes that begin and end on time, as well as follow the scheduled, written format.
2. Motivates the members to achieve their fitness goals by offering positive encouragement and an enjoyable, non-competitive environment.
3. Arrives on time for class (which is 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time), and stays after class to answer any questions from members.
4. Adheres to the company's and the industry's guidelines for safe and effective exercise.
5. Adheres to the company's policies and the employee's rules.
6. Completes all administrative paperwork completely and on time.  This includes monthly schedule requests, address/e-mail/phone number changes, and class attendance numbers.
7. Is responsible for finding qualified substitutions when necessary and tries to minimize the use of substitutes.  Also is responsible for notifying the Coordinator and the Front Desk about all class substitutions that take place.
8. Attends mandatory meetings and training sessions on a regular basis.
9. Obtains and maintains nationally recognized certifications and CPR.  Gives updated copies to the Coordinator.
10. Knows the company's emergency policy and reports any incident to the club Manager and Coordinator as soon as possible after the incident.
11. Informs the Coordinator of any equipment needs or malfunctions.
12. Wears appropriate attire for presenting oneself as a qualified fitness professional.
13. Exemplifies a positive, fit, healthy image.
14. Continuously abides by the American Family Fitness Mission, Vision, and Code of Ethics.
15. Meets Class Attendance goals set by Management.
16. Promotes the club and it's programs to staff, members, and prospective members.  This includes making class announcements when teaching.


Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:
1. ZumbAtomic certification
2. Zin membership
2. Current CPR certification
3. A successful audition and interview with the Coordinator and/or Director

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